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Our products include marble grinding machine, granite grinding machine, terrazzo grinding machine, concrete grinding machine, surface polishing machine, industrial vacuum cleaning machine, abrasives, etc.

Our machinery concentrates the functions of grinding, polishing, crystallizing, and cleaning in one body. It is very useful in refurbishment of stone concrete and epoxy floor. The mechanical parts such as gear box, gear, bearing of our product are all reinforced. They can withstand the strong vibration. The chassis of our product is available for various abrasives and variable speed.

To speak of the advantages of our product, firstly we have our own factory and dust-free workshop. We already got the ISO 9001, CE, SGS authorization. Our product has the superior quality. The electric motor we take use of is IE2 motor. The inverter is imported from Taiwan. Our product has aluminum alloy handle and NSK/SKF. We still utilize Nitrogen treatment, baking finish and appearance polishing. E.g. aluminum gear box is fastened and the pedal is plated. Each of our products must be running for 48h before leaving factory. Secondly, we provide one-stop service including gratuitous after-sale service and technical support. Finally, we have our own R&D team that focuses on the innovation of new type and we frequently attend the fairs held in canton, Las Vegas, Brazil, Indonesia, etc.