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We are a professional concrete and stone machine supplier in China. Our company is located in China stone city, Shuiton, Nanan. We are prepared to provide the customer our exquisite technology and high quality service.

Our company is people-oriented and hummization-managed. We set a employee home in the factory area to provide our employees a soft and warm place to relax. The whole factory area can be divided into semi-finished products, finished product area and assembly area. The grinding machine our company produced used to get a place to show in the fifth China yunfu international stone exhibitions, the ninth China (nanan) head international stone exhibition, 2010 xiamen international stone fair, and many other international famous exhibitions, attracting Chinese and foreign many buyers to come to consult the buy. Hitherto, our products have been adopted by Oriental wuzhou hotel, Rita Stone office building, Shuiton east star stone building, and a number of other enterprises for stone floor renewing and maintenance. We have got great praise.

Xingyi Polishing Machine is an experienced floor grinding machine manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as stone grinding machine, floor polishing machine, industrial vacuum cleaning machine and concrete grinding disc.

Main Products
  • Q5 Stone Grinding MachineOur Q5 stone grinding machine is made for large-area concrete or stone floor. Its working breadth reaches 680mm. Its 15 HP super power electric motor can non-stop works 24h and be variable speed adjustable. The same with the grinding head and gear box, the motor is made of high quality aluminum alloy. Thus our product is low in weight but high in strength.
  • Q7 Floor Grinding MachineOur Q7 floor grinding machine is available for high voltage. Its gear box and electric motor are all made of aluminum alloy. Its water tank is opening convex for convenient water injection and prevention of splashed water upon motor. The planetary grinding plate of the machine can run powerfully.