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Xingyi Polishing Machine Co., Ltd.

Address: No.C2, Area 11, Anping Development Area, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China.
Telephone: +86-595-26901118
Fax: +86-595-36792977

Main Products
  • Q7 Floor Grinding MachineOur Q7 floor grinding machine is available for high voltage. Its gear box and electric motor are all made of aluminum alloy. Its water tank is opening convex for convenient water injection and prevention of splashed water upon motor. The planetary grinding plate of the machine can run powerfully.
  • Q880 Large Floor GrinderThe Q880 large floor grinder features its super power 20HP variable speed electric motor that is warranted by global maintenance stations. The motor has the power more than enough to undertake the large-area industrial grinding. Its motor is made of aluminum alloy and can be dismantled easily for convenient transportation. Except the powerful drive source, this type of our floor grinder has the grinding plate containing fifteen grinding disks and its operation width reaches 880mm.