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Our company is SGS, ISO9001:2008 and CE authorized.
We possess the appearance design patent certificate.
We are executive director of Beijing association of industry and commerce.
We have the qualification of engaging stone maintenance project.
We are one of the top ten of Chinese stone maintenance brands.

As a professional floor machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a variety of products, including floor grinding machine, surface polishing machine, industrial vacuum cleaning machine, abrasives, and much more.

Main Products
  • Concrete Grinding DiscThis concrete grinding disc is the best choice for different kinds of concrete floor grinding and removing the oxygen paint coating. It is available for both dry and wet grinding. The segments of our product is quite sharp and can be used in grinding linear, tank type and arc type concrete board. It also can be used to grind the surface of solid hardener around the corner of concrete floor, and repair the cross section of concrete floor. We have various types of grinding disc for option upon the hardness of floor.
  • Abrasive Polishing PadThis XY-XZ abrasive polishing pad is high-end product which can be used for natural marble and granite or concrete and terrazzo polishing. It is available for both dry and wet uses. The diamond contact surface can make the grinding more aggressive and efficient. As per the particle number, it can be divided into types of 50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000#.