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Xingyi Polishing Machine Company Ltd. is a floor grinding machine and surface polishing machine manufacturer in China. Our most popular products include our marble grinding machine, epoxy floor grinder, floor polishing machine, industrial vacuum cleaning machine and various types of abrasives used in the grinding and polishing processes. Equipped with a powerful electric motor and high quality mechanical parts, our grinding and polishing machinery and our auxiliary equipment perform superbly in the refurbishment of all kinds of stone flooring.

Since our beginning in 1999, we have developed quickly and established our complete product series and maintenance systems which are used by leading international floor manufacturers and suppliers. Currently we employ over 500 staff members, and our company covers over 10,000 square meters. With over 15 million CNY, our factory's annual output is 50 million CNY. Xingyi also has over twenty-three subsidiaries in China, as well as a large number of agents in Brazil, Egypt, Vietnam, and other countries around the world. We have worked diligently on researching and developing our new stone concrete grinding machine, and our products are CE and SGS certified. Our company has also received ISO9001 certification. In addition to the high quality of our floor grinding machine and surface polishing machinery, we at Xingyi believe that service is vital, and that the customer comes first. This is why we provide free concrete grinding training and stone curing training for all our clients.

We are located in Jinjiang, where we enjoy many export advantages. For example, we are only one hour from the Xiamen Port and Quanzhou Port. This convenient location enables our clients to save on freight charges. That is one reason our marble grinding machine, epoxy floor grinder and floor polishing machines have been exported to more than a hundred countries around the globe including the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Indonesia, France, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, Italy, Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Pakistan, Ireland, Nigeria, and Mauritius.

Enterprise philosophy
Our enterprise culture: We believe that a people-oriented viewpoint coupled with a scientific approach to business leads to the success of our company.

Our goal: We strive for excellence and perfection in both our product quality and our customer service.

Our spirit: We reach toward success step by step.

Our aim: We use excellent craftsmanship to create exceptional quality products and unsurpassed service to gain our outstanding reputation.

Our service: We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of our business, that service counts, and that the customer comes first.

Our enterprise training: Our success lies in the details.

Historical timeline
In 1999, our founder started the company with stone curing at hotels, office buildings, luxury villas, etc.
In 2002, Jinjiang Anhai Xingyi Company Ltd. was established.
In 2003, a subsidiary of Jinjiang Anhai Xingyi Company Ltd. was established in Lishui, Zhejiang. That year, we focused on the domestic market.
In 2004, Shuitou Xingyi Stone Curing Company Ltd. was established.
In 2005, Wenzhou Stone Curing Company Ltd. was established.
In 2006, with the creation of our own factory, our monthly output reached 500 units. We began to expand our market in China.
In 2007, our company established a branch in Jiangsu Province and began our overseas business.
In 2008, our group was officially founded. We established branches in Hangzhou, Yongkang, and Taizhou. The same year, our employees visited and learned about the advanced craftsmanship from our overseas clients in places such as Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, and Qatar.
In 2009, our overseas trade department was established, and we hired a team of dedicated sales people.
In 2011, we hosted a series of academic seminars in China and further expanded our brand.
In 2012, the BOKE Floor Decoration Co., Ltd. was established. Since then, our company has developed into an integrated company. Our business was extended to stone care machinery, marble maintenance machines, floor decoration equipment.
In 2013, we successfully signed 7 sole agents in United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries. Hence, our company steps forward closer to be well-known in the world.

Main Products
  • Q5 Stone Grinding MachineOur Q5 stone grinding machine is made for large-area concrete or stone floor. Its working breadth reaches 680mm. Its 15 HP super power electric motor can non-stop works 24h and be variable speed adjustable. The same with the grinding head and gear box, the motor is made of high quality aluminum alloy. Thus our product is low in weight but high in strength.
  • Q7 Floor Grinding MachineOur Q7 floor grinding machine is available for high voltage. Its gear box and electric motor are all made of aluminum alloy. Its water tank is opening convex for convenient water injection and prevention of splashed water upon motor. The planetary grinding plate of the machine can run powerfully.