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Wet Polishing Pad

Our wet polishing pad is suitable for grinding granite marble and man-made stone floor. It features high quality and abrasion resistance. It can do well in rough and fine grinding of irregular parts such as arc, linear, edge, etc. We have several types for option. Each type has different specifications of grits. This polishing pad can be used to deal with the liquid permeation and grind the surface of hardener and densifier. After being rough and fine ground and polished by our product, the surface of floor will have a mirror effect.

Technical Parameters
Place of OriginFujian,china (mainland)
Brand nameXY
Working typeWet polishing
ApplicationGranite,concrete and terrazzo floors

As a China-based wet polishing pad manufacturer and supplier, Xingyi Polishing Machine offers a broad range of products that includes concrete grinding disc, industrial vacuum cleaning machine, marble grinding machine, and so on.

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Other Products
  • Dry Polishing PadOur dry polishing pad belongs to our high-end products. It is specially designed and can be used for grinding granite, marble and concrete floor. It suits for dry use. Its diamond segment can make the grinding more aggressive and so on efficient. This polishing pad is available for different grit types such as 50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000#. In addition, it is very sharp.
  • Abrasive PadsThe abrasive pad we manufacture can be used to grind and polish the stone and stone floor. It also can be used in grinding a variety of marble granite and man-made stone. User can utilize it to smooth the irregular parts of stone material easily. It also can be used to tackle the issue of liquid permeation, maintain the cross section of concrete and grind the surface of corner hardener.