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Concrete Polishing Pad

The concrete polishing pad we manufactured is designed for polishing concrete. It is easy to dismantle and its diamond segments are fairly sharp and can grind cement or remove oxygen coating easily. We provide three types for option. HF is for hard cement floor, MF is for the cement floor of medium hardness, SF is suitable for soft cement floor. The polishing pad also has different specifications upon the quantity of grits such as 20# 30# 60# 80# 150# and 300#. Every nine grind pads can afford the grinding of 300 to 500 square meters area.

Technical Param eters
Model Segments Size Grit Working
2T-2L 3-9mm*2*
Wet/dry 1.Black color(HF)for Hard concrete floor 2.Red color(MF)is neutral for hard
and soft concrete floor
3.Golden color(SF)for soft

As an experienced concrete polishing pad manufacturer in China, Xingyi Polishing Machine offers a comprehensive range of products that includes marble tile polishing disc, stair polishing machine, floor grinding machine, and so on.

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  • Concrete Grinding DiscThis concrete grinding disc is the best choice for hard concrete grinding and removing the oxygen paint coating. It is available for both dry and wet grinding. The segments of our product is quite sharp and can be used in grinding linear, tank type and arc type concrete board. It also can be used to grind the surface of solid hardener around the corner of concrete floor, and repair the cross section of concrete floor.
  • Granite Polish PadOur granite polish pad can do well in grinding and polishing all kinds of marble, granite, man-made stone floor. It has many types for option. It can be used for maintaining, repairing and revamping the stone floor. E.g. it can prevent the liquid permeation and grinding the surface of corner hardener or densifier. In addition, user can do rapid polishing with it.