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The IVC220 or IVC380 industrial vacuum cleaning machine is suitable for use upon all kinds of stone floors and industrial floors. Its machinery performance and hardness have reached the industrial grade. It afford the 24h running and its 100L dust cylinder inside is more than enough to deal with the normal industrial application. This industrial cleaner has automatic cleaning system and filtration system. It can collect 99.995% of the dust generated by grinder or polisher so that the issue of dust stock can be tackled totally. This cleaning machine has special dust bag and dust car, which makes it easier for workers to discharge and treat the industrial waste. It is computer controlled, smart and efficient. The host body is made of stainless steel and the drive is mute motor. It can work perfectly with XY series large stone grinding machine under dry work pattern, and widely be used in factories, large supermarket, and construction site, etc..

Our industrial cleaning machine can produce powerful suction force. The force is provided by a side blower type duster which is directly connected to the fan and the motor shaft, so there is no junction part to weaken the wind power. It can deal with dust, grain, greasy dirt, etc. without changing filter screen. The operation of this machine is environment friendly, high efficient and convenient. It can be used in factory, workshop, hotel, office building, shopping mall and business center. We provide the accessories including hose, rectangular brush and steel hose.

Mechanical Transportation and Installation
Most of the accidents are attributed to non-compliance of safety regulations. Please read the transportation and installation requirements before carrying and moving.

1. Transportation and Installation
Before the transportation of our cleaning machine, please use a crane or a forklift that afford the weight to move the machine to a carrier such as truck or a special locomotive, and make sure the machine should fastened onto carrier.

2. Installation
Please take use of the qualified forklift or the local standard compliant steel cable that afford the weight to move the machine to the right position, avoiding the intensive collision. Balance and fix the four wheels of machine as per the horizontal level of floor. Remove the accumulated stuff within one meter's radius and keep the air circulating.

3. Compressor Oil Choose
When inject the machine oil into our cleaning machine, please use Great Wall branded 200# gear oil and pay attention to the parallel of the oil when filling. As shown:

Operation Manual
The feeding mouth under the aspiration barrels should be sealed with the rubber band to avoid the air leakage. Connect the grinding machine with grinder by the tube. Plug in the power. After the emergency stop and reset, restart the machine by vacuum switch and clear dust switches, the machine will operate automatically. If you need to use the manual mode, please press the upper and lower keys at the same time and adjust the corresponding figures to realize manual operation. If you want to exit the manual mode, please press the ESC key.

All parameters of the cleaning machine have been pre-set at the factory. Please do not change without authorization. The detail steps are as the following graph decomposition.

Machine Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Open the electrical control box and control these two buttons by hand to reset. Then restart the machine.
1. Error: The display screen of the machine does not light up.
Solution: Power is not connected, check the power.
2. Error: The display screen shows the phase sequence error warning.
Solution: Swap the wiring position of two power lines.
3. Error: The display screen shows the vacuum a cleaning system error warning.
Solution: Please check the thermal overload protection of the electronic control. If the overload protection works frequently, please check the voltage to see if it is too low.

Security Recommendations
Please keep the working circumstance clean and tidy. The complicated surrounding will no doubt add the risk ratio to the cleaning machine.
Please place the machine where there is a lot of light surrounding.

Before connect to the power device, please unplug the power cord from the power distribution board.

When dismantling the closing plates on the both sides, please do not be close to the pulleys, in order to avoid unnecessary injury.
The operator must wear appropriate working clothes, and remember that the working clothes must not be too loose or flowing, cuff must be tied with rubber bands.

Xingyi Polishing Machine is a professional industrial vacuum cleaning machine manufacturer in China. We provide a vast array of products, including industrial vacuum cleaner, floor grinding machine, granite disc, surface polishing machine and so on.

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