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Our XY-175A or XY-175AE surface polishing machine is suitable for the hard ground surface cleaning, the wax stripping, spray grinding, polishing and maintenance in hotel, office, hospital, school and many other places. It also supports the brush to do the cleaning of carpet. It is separate designed and be used on stairs conveniently. This machine is introduced with KDS motor and reducer that can reduce operator's labor intensity and not make too much noise. The use of this machine and polishing powder can make the floor lustrous even like a mirror and form a protection layer upon the floor. E.g. in the hotel lobby, due to excessive food prints, It is necessary to use our surface polishing machine and 3 m pad to make the hotel's floor lustrous.

This type of our product is eccentric designed and has an iron weight, so it can be used stably. Normally, for every eight hours, it can process more than a hundred square meters and make outstanding crystal surface effect.

Xingyi Polishing Machine is an experienced surface polishing machine manufacturer based in China. Our products include stair polishing machine, floor grinding machine, concrete polishing pad, industrial vacuum cleaner, and much more.

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  • Concrete Polishing PadThe concrete polishing pad we manufactured is designed for polishing concrete. It is easy to dismantle and its diamond segments are fairly sharp and can grind cement or remove oxygen coating easily. We provide three types for option. HF is for hard cement floor, MF is for the cement floor of medium hardness, SF is suitable for soft cement floor.
  • Concrete Grinding DiscThis concrete grinding disc is the best choice for hard concrete grinding and removing the oxygen paint coating. It is available for both dry and wet grinding. The segments of our product is quite sharp and can be used in grinding linear, tank type and arc type concrete board. It also can be used to grind the surface of solid hardener around the corner of concrete floor, and repair the cross section of concrete floor.