175A Floor Polishing Machine

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175A Floor Polishing Machine

The XY-175A floor polishing machine was designed for polishing marble or other stone floor surface. It can do great help to renew the stone floor in hotel, office building, villa and etc. It is stable in performance, easy to handle, low noise and low failure rate. The rotating speed is 175rpm and we can match it with 10'' or 17'' polishing disc according to the floor area. In addition, a 20kg extra iron is optional.

Technical Parameters
Model XY-175A
Powder 2.5HP
Weight 78kg
Disc 10'' and 17 ''
Voltage 220V /50HZ
Rotating speed 175rpm
The quantity of water tank 1
The length of wire 11m
Additional weight 20kg*1
Packing size 125*52*50cm

Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,LTD is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of floor polishing machine in China.We provide various types of floor architectural decoration products,such as floor cleaning machine,stone grinding machine and concrete polishing machine.

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  • 175AE Surface Polishing MachineThe XY-175AE surface polishing machine with the feature of classic configuration. The handgrip adopts gourd and exquisite appearance design. Equip with imported KDS motor which it's from US, and it has two grinding discs 10'' and 17'' which can be available for various abrasives. It is convenient to use it to do the polishing of stairs and small area floor. The rotatable switch is easy to control the water level.
  • 175B Stone Polishing MachineThe XY-175B stone polishing machine has the function of stone floor renovation and surface crystallization.Its rotating speed can constantly stay at 175rpm.This machine has 2 disc 17'' and 10'',the 17'' disc can be used for stone floor surface polishing and the 10'' disc can use for stair polish.
    On the other hand,this machine has the function of carpet or floor cleaning and waxing etc.