62K Buffing Machine

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62K Buffing Machine

This 62K buffing machine is designed for marble or granite grinding and polishing. It is widely used for process the stone floor in hotel, office building, villa and etc. It is stable in performance, easy in handling, high in performance and low in noise and failure rate. Its adjustable handle system is adopted with European type design. The counterweight iron can be optionally increased or decreased to make it flexible and easy to operate. This buffing machine concentrates the floor washing, grinding, polishing and cleaning in one. You can choose the multi-function chassis which is suitable for all kinds of abrasive such as wet polishing pads, grinding pads, Frankfurt magnesia and Frankfurt brushes etc. In addition, its working speed can reach 30 square meters per 8 hours.

Technical Parameters
Model 62K
grinding disc 420MM
rotating speed 186rpm/min
voltage 220-240V
electricity 9.6A
weight 62kg

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