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Our grinding machine is expert at grinding all kinds of stone floor, including marble granite, terrazzo, cement, etc. It is also applicable for wiping off epoxy paint coating.

The uneven surface of stone floor can become extremely flat and lustrous just like never being used after polish. Generally speaking, even though the pavement of stone floor is just finished, the undulation is not avoidable. Thus our machine is in need to make smooth surface and illusion of integration. If the stone and cement floor was polished, there would form a protection layer which can prevent the further component from deteriorating.

Our grinding machine is applied with secondary planetary gear box, which can not only enhance the work efficiency but also prolong the service life. It has different configurations and prices for option upon the size of operation area. In addition, all types of our grinder can connect to our dust collector in order to protect environment.

As a professional grinding machine manufacturer in China, at Xingyi Polishing Machine we offer terrazzo floor polishing machine, stone grinding machine, industrial vacuum cleaner, and so on.

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  • 38K Stair Polishing MachineOur 38K stair polishing machine is specially designed for grinding and polishing the stairs. It is widely used in hotel hospital and office building. It has stable performance and work efficiency. This type of grinder does not generate too much noise when working
  • 62K Buffing MachineThis 62K buffing machine is designed for marble or granite grinding and polishing. It is widely used for process the stone floor in hotel, office building, villa and etc. It is stable in performance, easy in handling, high in performance and low in noise and failure rate. Its adjustable handle system is adopted with European type design.