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Our Q series floor grinder is specially used for grinding stone floor such as marble, granite, terrazzo, cement, etc., and removing the oxygen paint coating. The irregular floor can be extremely flat and smooth just like being renewed after being ground by our product. This series of floor grinder is adopted with two-level planetary gear box rather than the traditional belt drive method. This mechanical change not only enhances the work efficiency, but also prolongs the service life of gear. It is introduced with SKF bearing and Wonder electric motor with stainless steel easy control panel. Upon the hardness and area of target stone floor, customer can choose the corresponding machinery specification. We have small medium and large types for option. E.g. small type is suitable for marble floor and large type is suitable for cement floor. This series of floor grinding machine can be used with XY series IVC220 or 380 industrial dust collectors for non-dust operation.

This series of floor grinder has the following features. Its reducer is also sealed and imported from Delta. All the two key parts are exquisite in design and durable in service life, and they enjoy the international warranty service.

The machine has the foldable handle and composite center control panel which make the machine convenient to move and operate. The pressure control system can make the process of grinding smooth. It can work in both dry and wet environment.

This type of our product is known for high accuracy and long service life. Its multifunctional grinding disk can be fed with all kinds of milling material. It fulfills the concentration of the polishing, grinding and cleaning functions.

As a professional floor grinder manufacturer in China, we provide not only grinding machine, but also surface polishing machine, abrasives, industrial vacuum cleaning machine, and so on.

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