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Our X series floor grinding machine is mainly used for grinding and polishing different stone floors such as marble, granite, terrazzo, cement. User can utilize it to flatten floor easily and deal with tiny holes upon surface. It is applied with secondary planetary gear box compare with old belt drive. That can greatly prolong the service life and lower the cost.

This series of floor grinding machine owns special designed elegant appearance. Its integrated center control panel can be easy, safe and comfortable to operate. It has foldable handle which can be 360 degrees rotated and the automatic pressure controller which can adapt it to different situation. Moreover, this series grinding device has vacuum cleaner connection system and can be equipped with our dust collector. The multifunctional polishing disk can be available for all kinds of grinding consumables. The additional weight can be removed for convenient transportation. The grinding head can auto adjust to complete different processes and save the grinding consumables. The new type bracket can make it easy for user to replace milling slice.

This series of grinding machine is applied with chinese bearing for outstanding mechanical performance. It can match our XY series IVC220 or 380 typeindustrial vacuum cleaner perfectly and accomplish the procedure of grinding,polishing, cleaning and crystallization.

As a China-based floor grinding machine manufacturer and supplier, Xingyi Polishing Machine offers a broad range of products that include concrete floor laser screed, concrete floor metal disc, floor grinder, and so on.

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