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Grinding Machine, Surface Polishing Machine Manufacturer

Xingyi Polishing Machine Company Ltd. is a floor grinding machine and surface polishing machine manufacturer in China. Our most popular products include our marble grinding machine, epoxy floor grinder, floor polishing machine, industrial vacuum cleaning machine and various types of abrasives used in the grinding and polishing processes. Equipped with a powerful electric motor and high quality mechanical parts, our grinding and polishing machinery and our auxiliary equipment perform superbly in the refurbishment of all kinds of stone flooring.
  • Q5 Stone Grinding Machine
  • Q5 Stone Grinding MachineOur Q5 stone grinding machine is made for large-area concrete or stone floor. Its working breadth reaches 680mm. Its 15 HP super power electric motor can non-stop works 24h and be variable speed adjustable. The same with the grinding head ...
  • 175AE Surface Polishing Machine
  • 175AE Surface Polishing MachineOur XY-175AE surface polishing machine features classic configuration. It has calabash type handle and exquisite surface. The machine is introduced with the KDS electric motor imported ...
  • Q7 Floor Grinding Machine
  • Q7 Floor Grinding MachineOur Q7 floor grinding machine is available for high voltage. Its gear box and electric motor are all made of aluminum alloy. Its water tank is opening convex for convenient water injection and prevention of splashed water upon motor.
  • Q880 Large Floor Grinder
  • Q880 Large Floor GrinderThe Q880 large floor grinder features its super power 20HP variable speed electric motor that is warranted by global maintenance stations. The motor has the power more than enough to undertake the large-area industrial grinding.
  • Concrete Grinding Disc
  • Concrete Grinding DiscThis concrete grinding disc is the best choice for different kinds of concrete floor grinding and removing the oxygen paint coating. It is available for both dry and wet grinding. The segments of our product is quite sharp and can be used in ...
  • Q1500 Floor Grinder
  • Q1500 Floor GrinderOur Q1500 floor grinder owns three 16.5hp motors and variable frequency device. That is the insurance of its excellent performance in concrete grinding. The motor is ergonomically designed and afford to non-stop work ...
  • AbrasivePolishing Pad
  • Abrasive Polishing Pad This XY-XZ abrasive polishing pad is high-end product which can be used for natural marble and granite or concrete and terrazzo polishing. It is available for both dry and wet uses. The diamond contact surface can make the grinding more ...